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So, what can you buy with three bob, three bucks, three clams, three Washingtons? Almost a gallon of gas, maybe, or a very small Monsanto latte. A Big Gulp and a Snickers, to move that one big step closer to the Lord. One pull at the Megabucks, baby ... or HOURS of noir coloratura letters, a veritable moonlight buffet of the Macabrely from Hammer & Anvil Books!

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DM ~ Frühlingsstimmen 
celebrates the abundance of voices from around the world and beyond the grave that spring forth with coloratura brio, whether through drama, humour, or poetic music. Drawn from the legendary pages of Danse Macabre – An Online Literary Magazine, connoisseurs of multihued letters will be enchanted by the ample selection of fifty literary entertainments awaiting them in 
DM ~ Frühlingsstimmen 
an e-anthology of the macabrely to remember.

Goulash (Gulyás in the original Hungarian) is primarily a soup, or stew, comprised of various and sundry ingredients, both hearty and well-spiced. In both Czech and Slovak, guláš means "mishmash". Here, DM ~ GOULASH celebrates well-spiced letters brimming in colorful tastes, tones, styles, and voices, an international literary stew to satisfy bookish hungers for characters we have never met, images we have not yet dreamt, voices from afar - and within - we may never have otherwise heard. Featuring nearly fifty fictions, poems, and rare macabrely from beyond the grave, DM ~ GOULASH will not only satiate your imaginative appetites but slake your thirst for colour and zest in an increasingly deflavourised cultural landscape.

Comedy, like tragedy, is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s pratfall is another’s karma, butterfly effect, or joy. What makes one soul chortle might make another choke on their ham sandwich. Laughter communicates nerves as much as delight. But the notion of Commedia is more objective, and universal, a pronoun that acknowledges both observational guile and stoic acceptance of quite a great deal of human constructs, if not the human condition - or humanity itself. COMMEDIA celebrates all manner of the human pratfall as only an anthology from Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine can. Though wry storytelling, the wit of poetry, and the wisdom of wags passed, COMMEDIA will delight lovers of letters with its dark hilarity and macabre merriment.   

Drawn in part from one of DM's most beloved issues, KISMET features bespoke translation of acclaimed expat Iranian poet Ali Abdolrezaei, immortal classics of the macabrely from F. Sheridan Le Fanu and Elliott O'Donnell; poetry from Peter Marra (Peep-O-Rama) and Peter Weltner (The One-Winged Body); fiction from UK film critic Martyn Conterio and Robert J. Gregg (Sam and the Fall of the Wall), not to mention more than a few literary surprises of the sort readers worldwide have delighted to in the pages of DM for nearly a decade. KISMET celebrates this shared joy in the unusual and the fantastic.

Eallra hālgena ǣfen / all saints' evening  fetes the spirits of October. New poetry from DLW Pesavento, and Andrés Wilson unfolds the cornucopia of dreams and the change of seasons. Fresh fiction from Rumjhum Biswas and Patti Somlo colors the dark shadows of the soul and the mysteries of the night. Voices such as Sabine Baring-Gould and Elliott O’Donnell shimmer from beyond the grave, framing childhood's dusk to eternity's unknown bounty. Did we mention coloratura feuilleton on Mozart's skull, too? Eallra hālgena ǣfen / all saints' evening above all celebrates macabre opulence, for gourmands of letters to enjoy year ‘round.

Romance darkly in AMOUR SOMBRE, featuring authors from around the world and beyond the grave (including Arlene Ang, Bruce Bond, Bob Chester, Katerina Fretwell, Robert P. Kaye, Roxanne Hoffman, Gregory Kimball, Adam Moorad, Farida Samerkhanova, and Meg Sefton) AMOUR SOMBRE caresses readers with the chill of ardour, the thrill of passion, and the poisonous pills of the melancholy and the macabrely, a cornucopia of dark delights that will grip you like friendly (and perhaps not so friendly) shadows in the night.

They say good things come to those who wait. Or almost die in the process, as the case may be. Truly, hunger is the most savory of spices, and anticipation the greatest complement to pleasure. DM ~ WEIHNACHTSMARKT is your supreme literary buffet of feiertagsgeschichten (holiday stories) poésie saisonnière (seasonal poetry). Lovers of noir coloratura will groan under the weight of bookish delights from around the globe and beyond the grave, the finest fare on the literary web: prose plum puddings spiced with nutmeg and rum, hearty portions of DM’s Prix de Noël winners topped with poetic sprigs of holly, hidden holiday crackers filled with mystery and caprice, flurries of powdered sugar, perhaps the faintest whiff of classical sulphur and that tang of bitter almond...ach du liebe, what a carve-up! Let no e-book reader in your macabrely circles go without DM ~ WEIHNACHTSMARKT this holiday season!

Vampires, desire, and the opiate of nostalgia. Jim Crow, popcorn, and ticket stubs. Angry dykes, God, and the G-spot. STONEWALL crafts a mosaic of rainbow-hued glass, one inimitable voice at a time. Poems look through the glass darkly, seeing heartbreaks of the past in the mirror; they huddle under the quilt of our lives in hilarity; they speak across borders and generations to find the hidden music in our separate yet entwined lives. Short fictions scrutinize persons from every corner of our shared consciousness; they fashion portraitures of places long gone, revealing lush melodies in the present; they unfold truths in the most painful, hilarious, sensual, and macabre traditions. Drawn from the more riotous pages of DM©STONEWALL is an all-in, all-family, no-holds-barred anthology readers of the pink macabrely cannot miss.

Raw sushi, hide and seek, and small holes. Horoscopic tales, tongues of fire, and looking at the m/f in the mirror. Tom Bradley's Lemur, fables of Julie Newmar, and the Bride of Frankenstein. The second half of the powerhouse anthology from DM Publications, STONEWALL REDUX ups the ante on pink letters, defying all manner of stereotypes, masques, and thrice-told tails to plumb deeper into the seamy, steamy, and dreamy corners of those who dance to the rhythm of their own queer music. Progressive literary mavens and macabristas alike will relish STONEWALL REDUX, an international mélange celebrating both awareness and awakening across the same-sex zeitgeist.

Morgenblätter ~ Abendblätter 
a thrilling anthology of poesie makaber et nachtgeschichten features a bespoke translation of Dmitri Shostakovitch’s From Jewish Folk Poetry text, an affectionate quartet of poems from the streets of Chicago, Shakespearean flash fiction, and new works by authors Benjamin Blake (A PRAYER FOR LATE OCTOBER), Chris Crittenden (JUGULARITY), J.C. Frampton (THE WATER-LILY BLOOM), Samantha Memi (KATE MOSS & OTHER HEROINES), and Peter O’Neill (ANTIOPE). You will delight in the coloratura cornucopia awaiting you in 
Morgenblätter ~ Abendblätter.

Reptoids, vandals, spiders, and a cop killer. Christmas conversations, captives, omens, and dancing. These (and more) are the ingredients of Contes Macabres, a collection of the coloratura from DM. From a Sanka in St. Petersburg to romping on the Reeperbahn, gastronomes of the ghoulish will relish this buffet of fifteen lively tales told by some of today’s most thrilling scribes.

Erzählungen is the German term for tales. Here, Erzählungen is a collection of eleven not particularly short stories, from a cornucopia of today's most irresistible story-tellers. Macabre circumstances, unsettling characters, exotic locales, and often hilarious turns of the screw abound, in a buffet of coloratura tales sure to delight gourmands of die erzählungen ...

DM ~ Weltkrieg
is a mosaic of war stories, high fantasy, bitter reminiscences, and macabre nightmares from twenty eight international authors. This indelible collection will take you from the beaches of Saipan to the woods of Prussia, from Gaza and St. Petersburg to the fading memories of those left behind, from mythological Greece to the real-world horrors of a surgeon's table. Here, dirty bombs mix with desert warfare to craft a montage of mankind's darkest handiwork wrought in the enchantment of fiction and music of poetry. No lover of the coloratura can dare miss this dreadnought anthology, brought to you inimitably by DM.

Unsere Winterreise
is a poetic collaboration based on the famous cycle by Wilhelm Müller. This unique collection features authors from around the world and beyond the grave, recalling as well as elucidating on each of the twenty-four Müller originals (which are also included in the original German). First published in the now-extinct December 2009 issue of DM, UNSERE WINTERREISE is a singular compilation that will reward connoisseurs of poetry with its unique vision of word music, imagery, and feeling.

Lovers of the imaginative and monstrous, epicureans of the grotesque, the furry, the freaky, and the far-out ... Monsters of the Rue Macabre features an Afterword by acclaimed author Tom Bradley and works from some of today's (and yesterday's!) most exciting literary voices, including Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, Honoré de Balzac, Eric Basso, K. Marvin Bruce, Stephen Crane, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, David Hughes, Michael C. Keith, Brant Lyon, Ana Reyes, Darby Tench, Paul Verlaine, Jeanann Verlee, and Peter WeltnerMonsters of the Rue Macabre is a lurid delight for fans of monsters of all shapes and sizes!


DM ~ Hauptfriedhof
is a nonpareil literary buffet of 48 dishes from around the world and beyond the grave, drawn from departed issues of DM. Featuring works by Karima Alavi,  Jason Castro, Ed Coonce, Kane X. Faucher, Kristin Fouquet, Katerina Fretwell, Joan Harvey, Janie Hoffman, Rose Hunter, Ani Kachbalian, William Keener, Penn Kemp, Jeffrey Littleton, Bob Priest, Farida Samerkhanova, Levi Wagenmaker, and Jeffrey M. Wallmann. Betwixt light and darkness comes DM ~ Hauptfriedhof ...

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